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Yesterday, a Twitter user with the handle @visionofscholes posted a screenshot of a 12 team accumulator (ie parlay) bet with plays on 12 different soccer games.

He (or she) predicted 8 draws. And all of those games ended in a draw. He predicted Tottenham would beat Aston Villa. They did. He had Celtic over Hearts. Celtic won. He had Monchengladbach over Eintracht Frankfurt and they won. Finally, he had Roma over Atalanta. And guess what? Yep, Roma won.


He made 12 picks and won all 12. And 8 of the 12 plays were priced at 2 to 1 or higher. The result: a $1 bet results in a $101,007 payday.

That’s one of the most incredible parlay victories we’ve ever seen. Now, since posting a screenshot of the winning ticket, the Twitter account has been deleted. It’s unclear why but some have theorized that the winner may be underage. However, BetFred, the book where the bet was placed, has stated that they have confirmed the age of the winner and he was old enough to make the bet.

How ever old the player is, it’s a lock that he’ll never have a luckier day the rest of his life.


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