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As we’ve said before, touts are a lot like professional wrestlers. They create larger-than-life personas full of bombast and sensationalism and, you know, they’re fakes.

No one fits this description better than Stu Feiner. In case you’re not familiar with Stu, he was big in the 90′s, like 3 button suits and The Spice Girls. Feiner is truly a legendary phony in an industry filled with phonies – and that’s no easy task. He’d yell about his 500 MILLION DIME LOCK OF THE CENTURY and berate listeners with absurd claims about his alleged winning percentages. While everyone with a functioning brain knew Feiner was a fraud from the beginning, he was ultimately exposed by HBO’s Real Sports when they put Feiner in a handicapping contest with a dog and a kindergartener. He came in last.

Amazingly, Stu Feiner is still at it. He still has a website (which we won’t link to, of course) but, best of all, he still cranks out YouTube videos. It appears Feiner has put up a cool 200 pounds since his glory days on the amazingly awful television show The Sports Advisors but his self-esteem has only increased with his waistline. And the result is pure entertainment gold. So, without further introduction, here is one of Stu’s latest YouTube videos. We’ll be posting more over the coming weeks as this is entertainment that simply should not be missed.

By the way, Stu is most definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK:


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