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RJ Bell is the most-quoted sports betting personality in the country. He is the Founder and CEO of Pregame.com and the Founder of FreePicksByEmail.com. He’s regularly referenced by many major media companies including Bloomberg, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times. And he has a particularly friendly relationship with Colin Cowherd, regularly appearing on the ESPN radio host’s show.

Pregame.com is likely the largest pick-selling site in the sports betting industry. There are 25 Pregame “pros” who sell picks on Bell’s website including Vegas Runner and Steve Fezzik.

Bell has described Pregame as the most transparent pick-selling operation in the industry. In his words:

The fact that Pregame.com has 100% transparency is beyond debate.

EVERY picks from EVERY Pro EVER is available for review.

Can’t do better than that. And none of our major competitors come close.

The Big Lead interviewed RJ Bell this past week and, according to Bell, asked him “tough questions.” In the interview, Bell remarked on Pregame’s transparency once again, saying:

“We’ve had guys that made a mistake with their record — we are adamant about our transparency — every pick, ever, from every pro, is available for review. Pros are able to promote themselves from their records, but it’s their responsibility to be accurate.”

So, given Bell’s insistence that Pregame leads the pick-selling industry in transparency, we thought we’d pose some straightforward questions to him here in hopes that he’ll answer them, transparently and honestly.

1. You’ve written that you’re more transparent than other major pick-sellers but Right Angle Sports, the most influential pick-selling operation, lists their complete record on their website in a manner that lets users view their total pick history in a matter of seconds. There is not a single Pregame Pro who has their complete lifetime record listed in any easily-accessed manner. Given this, how can you claim that Pregame is more transparent than others in your industry?

2. Given that you believe transparency is paramount, can you provide Vegas Runner’s overall record since he’s been selling picks for your company?

3. Can you provide the lifetime record for each of the other Pregame pros as well? These figures are next to impossible to determine using the data your site provides while they are just two clicks away on one of your competitor’s site.

4. Pregame used to sell picks for a pro named “Stan Sharp.” The biography on your site indicates “Stan Sharp” only makes money by betting on sports and is also one of the most “feared bettors” in Las Vegas. We’ve heard from multiples sources that Stan Sharp’s picks were simply another Pregame pro’s picks being re-branded and sold as if they came from a unique pro bettor. Did the identity “Stan Sharp” belong to another Pregame pro also selling picks under a different name? And why did Pregame stop selling Stan Sharp picks last year?

5. The term “pro” implies that someone is exclusively making their living from betting on sports. How many of the Pregame pros do just that and how many have paid jobs in other industries?

6. Since you believe in each of the Pregame pros enough to sell their picks to your customers, do you also bet your own money on every Pregame pro selection? If not, why not?

** Update: You can read Bell’s response to our questions here.


3 Responses to “An Open Interview For RJ Bell, Pregame Founder and CEO”

  1. Ndamukong Suh

    Also How does one find teaser records for your pros?
    Brady Kannons Golf selections?
    Vegas runners Nascar?
    Vegas Runners MMA?
    Vegas runners Boxing?

    I thought 100% transparency would mean easy to find information but instead i have to use captcha for every day i choose to view the past record of a pro.

    Why did you allow a pro(Scott S) to sell picks after being down over 150 units last year? and how can you still claim he is a long term winner.

  2. Hagrin

    He’s never going to address this. In addition, don’t be surprised if his minions + Andy don’t come here trying change the narrative.

    To me the worst part of all this is now they have TBL in their PR pocket now too apparently. It’s totally disgraceful to continue to give a guy a platform that eventually touts his services that have proven to have no edge and it’s only growing at this point.


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