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Remember when John McEnroe would go crazy at Wimbledon, screaming at line judges and the chair umpire and anyone else within earshot? His signature phrase, “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS?!” would be heard ringing through the hallowed grounds of the All England Club as McEnroe railed to a line judge about a questionable call.

Well, if you think a tennis player is going to go one step further than John McEnroe and actually assault a linesman (or woman) at this year’s Wimbledon, you can make some money.

See, the enterprising oddsmakers at SportsInteraction have offered lines on whether a player (any player) will have a full-on temper tantrum on the court.

If they do damage to the court – by smashing their racquet against it, for instance – you can get +800. If you think, instead, a player might smash the advertising billboards around the court, you can get +1600. Now, if you think a player will really lose their mind and assault a line judge, you can get 33 to 1 on your money.

Remember, the line judge is at court level making it far easier (though equally reprehensible) to assault them. Assaulting an umpire, on the other hand, is far more difficult. The umpire is up in that really tall chair so you’d have to coax him (or her) down or climb up there or knock the chair over. It would really be quite a scene. But if that scene unfolds, you can get 50 to 1 on your money.

Those are same odds offered on whether a player will assault a ballboy or ballgirl (the lowest of the low of on-court assaults) and the same odds (50 to 1) that a player will assault another player.

The well-cultured SIA boys have also added a 500 to 1 longshot that a player assaults Sir Cliff Richard. Richard, in case you’re not aware, famously led a singalong during a rain delay at Wimbledon some years back. Since then, he’s been a mainstay in the stands at center court. And hile it may be appealing to assault Sir Cliff, the logistics of doing so are pretty challenging. Indeed, it would be much harder to assault Sir Cliff in the stands than to get at the chair umpire. But, just so you know, neither of these assaults will take place so save your money.



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