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53 year old Nick Newlife walked into a William Hill betting parlor in 2003 and bet $2,400 that Roger Federer would win 7 Wimbledon titles at 66 to 1 odds. The potential payout? $157,000.

Federer, in case you don’t know, has 6 Wimbledon titles and will be going for his 7th this year. But here’s the thing: Nick Newlife passed away in 2009, sadly.

To his credit, Newlife had a will and left the William Hill betting ticket to Oxfam, an international charity focused on alleviating poverty. So now, Oxfam has $157,000 riding on Roger Federer’s at Wimbledon.

Federer is the third most likely player to win Wimbledon this year, according to oddsmakers. Novak Djokovic is the favorite at +170, Rafael Nadal is second at +265 and Federer is +495.

The question that crossed our minds: should Oxfam hedge the Federer future? Then we laughed at the thought of a charity making Wimbledon future bets to hedge a gift. The good news is Oxfam (Great Britain) has annual income of approximately $470M so this potential $157,000 isn’t a make-or-break deal.

But if you needed another reason to pull for Roger Federer, a good guy and class act by all accounts, to win Wimbledon, Nick Newlife provided it.




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