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If you’re a sports bettor, you know fishnet tights are hot. Wait, no you don’t. But really, sales of fishnet stockings are up 25% this winter. And Madonna, love her or hate her, has been on the leading edge of fashion trends for decades.

So, the question becomes, will Madonna wear fishnets during the halftime show at the Super Bowl? Well, that’s the question Bovada is asking in one of their more interesting Super Bowl prop bets.

Madonna, as it turns out, is photographed quite a bit. A couple weeks ago, Madonna was wearing fishnet stockings when she attended a premier for her film WE. And then she was pictured wearing fishnets yet again by People Magazine. She also appeared on a UK talk show just days ago and flashed some fishnet action.

Now, Madonna isn’t new to the world of fishnet stockings. She’s been sporting these things since at least the mid-1980′s. Indeed, Google surfaces 4,780,000 results for the search term “Madonna” and “fishnets.” So we can confirm that Madonna loves fishnets and wears them quite often.

Madonna, however, is also known to constantly reinvent herself so she’s a bit of a moving target. The ‘Like a Virgin’ Madonna was much different than the ‘Vogue’ Madonna. Despite the risk of reinvention, Madonna’s inclination towards fishnets over the past few weeks indicates there is some value in the ‘yes.’


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