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According to Intrade, Mitt Romney has a 95.3% chance to be the Republican presidential nominee. ┬áThat’ll be 100% soon enough.

And once Romney locks up the presidential nomination, all attention will turn to who the former Massachusetts governor chooses to be his vice presidential running mate. Well, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, well-known for their controversial commercials, is the first book to release odds on potential Republican VP nominees.

The Irish oddsmakers have Marco Rubio, Republican Senator from Florida, as the most likely choice at 11:4 odds. Right behind the Cuban-American Rubio is New Jersey’s bombastic governor, Chris Christie and Congressman Paul Ryan. Christie and Ryan are both 5:1.

There’s a chance that Romney would choose one of his last-standing rivals for the presidential nomination to serve as his VP: Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul. Oddsmakers have Santorum as the most likely at 20:1 odds, Newt Gingrich is 40:1 and Ron Paul is 50:1. Frankly, there’s absolutely no chance Romney picks Gingrich so 40:1 is laughably low.

Some other interesting candidates include Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Colin Powell, and Herman Cain. Trump is 80:1 (also, he has no chance of being selected), Palin is 66:1 (no chance), Powell is 66:1 and Herman Cain is 100:1. Paddy Power really blew it with Herman Cain’s odds. They should have made him 999:1. Yes, that’s NINE NINE NINE.

The complete odds from Paddy Power:





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