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The seemingly never-ending presidential campaign is about to end. It’s finally election day and, after more than $2 billion has been spent by the presidential candidates and more than $6 billion has been spent by all candidates for all offices, people are heading to the polls to vote.

And while voting has already begun across the country, there’s still time to bet on the outcome of the election. Yes, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power already declared Obama the winner and paid out bettors but other bookmakers still have lines up.

Here’s a run-down of presidential election odds as of election day morning.

Presidential Odds By Book:

Bet5DimesBookmakerBovadaThe GreekBet365
Barack Obama wins 2012 election-450-455-450-540-700
Mitt Romney wins 2012 election360365325440450

Presidential Odds By State:

Barack Obama wins Colorado-210-205
Mitt Romney wins Colorado160165
Barack Obama wins Florida140140
Mitt Romney wins Florida-180-170
Barack Obama wins Iowa-395-450
Mitt Romney wins Iowa275330
Barack Obama wins Maine-5400
Mitt Romney wins Maine1800
Barack Obama wins Michigan-810
Mitt Romney wins Michigan470
Barack Obama wins Minnesota-900
Mitt Romney wins Minnesota500
Barack Obama wins Nevada-800
Mitt Romney wins Nevada467
Barack Obama wins New Hampshire-350
Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire250
Barack Obama wins North Carolina360
Mitt Romney wins North Carolina-540
Barack Obama wins Ohio-315-500
Mitt Romney wins Ohio235375
Barack Obama wins Oregon-3000
Mitt Romney wins Oregon1300
Barack Obama wins Pennsylvania-560
Mitt Romney wins Pennsylvania370-240
Barack Obama wins Virginia-215-240
Mitt Romney wins Virginia165190
Barack Obama wins Wisconsin-540-800
Mitt Romney wins Wisconsin360500

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