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Of course, the Super Bowl is the most watched television event in America. And the second most watched? It’s the Oscars.

You can bet on all the major categories of this weekend’s Academy Awards show. The Artist, a silent film, is the prohibitive favorite in many categories including Best Picture and Best Director. Indeed, The Artist is so dominant that it makes betting on those categories unappealing.

But thankfully, SportsInteraction is offering some world class prop bets for this year Oscar’s.

Fumbled Statue Bet

First, SIA has a line on whether any of the 6 major winners (film, director, actor, actress, supporting actor, supporting actress) will drop the Oscar statue. Yep, it’s a butterfinger Oscar prop. If you think someone fumbles the statue, you can get 10:1 on your money.

Kleenex Bet

Next up, we have the ‘will they cry’ prop bet. If you think either the winner for best actor or best supporting actor will cry during their acceptance speech, you can get 7:1 on your money. But the ‘no’ is (-2500) and while we can’t find a single example of a male actor crying during their Oscar speech, there’s not a lot of sense in laying $2500 to win $100. Now, if you think the winner of the best actress or best supporting actress will cry – like Gwyneth Paltrow famously did -¬†you can get +110.

Holy S*&T Bet

SIA got very creative here: you can bet on whether an Oscar winner will swear during their acceptance speech. The ‘yes’ on the swear word is the underdog, of course, and it’s paying +225. Keep in mind, either the best actor or best supporting actor must swear for this to be a winner. The best actor will almost certainly go to Jean Dujardin who played the lead role in the silent film. It would be epic if, after making his way through the silent movie, Dujardin dropped an F bomb on stage while accepting his Oscar. But it’s very unlikely. We’re leaning towards the ‘no’ even at -400.

Giving Thanks Bet

Much like the Super Bowl, there is a prop bet on who the winner will thank first in their acceptance speech. There are slightly different lines for the best actor and Best Actress. Below is a shot of current lines for the best actress. As you can see, thanking the Academy is the most likely outcome. And that’s with good reason (more to come on this later). If you think the winner the will go all Tebow and thank God first, you can get 3:1 on your money.

Miss Piggy Bets (yes, for real)

In case you weren’t aware, the Muppets will be presenting at this year’s Oscars. Well, in what may be the most creative prop bet thinking we’ve ever seen, SIA has rolled out not one but two Miss Piggy related prop bets. First, you can get down on what color dress Miss Piggy ‘wears’ on stage. The favorite? Pink, of course. If you think she goes green to match Kermit (or to prove her environmental consciousness), you can get 14:1. Don’t be lured in by those long shot odds, though, as we can’t find a single image of Miss Piggy in a green dress anywhere on the internet. And we spent an embarrassingly long time looking.

And while the Miss Piggy dress color prop bet was genius, SIA didn’t stop there. In a prop bet titled ‘Hiiiiyaaaaa!,’ SIA asks whether Miss Piggy will assault someone while on stage.

Miss Piggy has a well-documented temper and she’s battered Kermit around time after time after time. But it seems very unlikely we’ll see a domestic at the Oscars, especially given the controversy surrounding Chris Brown’s performance at the Grammys. So sadly, we’d have to say we will not hear ‘Hiiiiyaaaa’ on Sunday night. But laying -2000 on that is insane, of course.


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