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If you’ve never really absorbed the NHL playoffs, you’re missing out. It’s the best playoffs of any major sport.

Every 7 game series, every game, every goal is just so. . . tense. It’s great, really.

But let’s leave that aside and figure out if there’s a way to make some money on the first round. Bovada is offering a prop bet on how many first round match-ups go a full 7 games.

Of course, there are 8 first round match-ups (4 in each conference). Last year’s first round was epic. 4 of the 8 match-ups went a full 7 games. But that’s a rarity. In 2010, only 2 series went a full 7 games. And here are more past results:

2011: 4
2010: 2
2009: 2
2008: 3
2007: 1
2006: 1
2004: 3
2003: 3
2002: 2
2001: 0
2000: 1
1999: 2
1998: 1

So, over the past 13 seasons, only 4 times did more than 2.5 first round match-up go a full 7 games. Despite that, Bovada is offering the under 2.5 at even money (and the over is juiced at -140). Frankly, this isn’t surprising as a lot of Bovada bettors simply likely to bet the over on everything. No matter what the topic or what the line – they’ll be over.

That, of course, creates value for sharper bettors who recognize value in unders. And this NHL prop certainly offers value on the under.



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