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Despite the fact that 3 out of 4 favorites won on Wild Card weekend, the Super Bowl odds have shifted since last week. Green Bay, the team that has been the odds-on favorite to win the Super Bowl since they won it last year, remains 2/1. But the odds on New England, New Orleans and the New York Giants have all dropped. The Giants and Saints have benefitted from blowout wins while the Pats no longer have to face Pittsburgh to make it to the Super Bowl.

Here are the latest Super Bowl odds for all the remaining playoff teams:

Green Bay Packers: 2/1
New England Patriots: 11/4
New Orleans Saints: 7/2
Baltimore Ravens: 7/1
San Francisco 49ers: 13/1
New York Giants: 14/1
Houston Texans: 30/1
Denver Broncos: 60/1

Of course, different books are offering different odds on each team so, if you’re looking to place a Super Bowl futures bet, shop around for the best line.


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