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Back in April, and LVH were the first sports books to release opening lines on Week 1 NFL games. While there were some notable differences between the offshore book’s lines and LVH’s openers (BOL had New England -5, LVH had New England -7), the majority of lines were within 1 point of each other.

But it’s been four months since those opening lines came out.

Since then, we’ve had the NFL draft, training camps, pre-season games, injuries and over 100 days of bettors putting actual money down on these lines. So we took some time to look back and see which teams have received the most action since these opening lines hit the board.

The quick answer: the Patriots, who have been bet all the way up to -10.5 thanks to the Bills becoming the first team to start an undrafted free agent at quarterback in Week 1 since a man walked on the moon, and the Buccaneers, a team that’s gone from a 1 point underdog to a 3 point favorite thanks to the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets being, well, themselves.  The Lions have received plenty of betting action as well, moving from a 2.5 point home favorite to a 5 point favorite over the visiting Vikings.


Ravens at Broncos -8.5 (now -9)


Patriots at Bills -7 (now -10.5)

Buccaneers at Jets -1 (+3)

Vikings at Lions -2.5 (now -5)

Raiders at Colts -7 (now -9)

Titans at Steelers -6.5 (now -7)

Falcons at Saints -2.5 (now -3)

Chiefs at Jaguars +2.5 (now +3.5)

Bengals at Bears  -3.5 (now -3)

Dolphins at Browns +1 (now PK)

Cardinals at Rams -6 (now -5)

Seahawks at Panthers +3.5 (now +3)

Packers at 49ers  -5.5 (now -5)

Giants at Cowboys -2.5 (now -3)


Eagles at Redskins -5.5 (now -4)

Texans at Chargers +3.5 (now +3.5)



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