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The Super Bowl is, well, the Super Bowl of sports betting. And as interest in the game has grown, sports books have responded by offering more and more proposition bets.

Last year, we highlighted the 21 strangest Super Bowl prop bets which included madness like: will Kelly Clarkson show her belly button (she didn’t) and will Madonna wear fishnet stockings (she did)?

We’ve scoured all the online sports books to find the weirdest 22 Super Bowl prop bets for this year’s match-up between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. And yes, some of the strange prop bets includes the coaches (John and Jim Harbaugh are brothers, in case you haven’t heard).

Players Arrested Bet

Think anyone will pull a Eugene Robinson this year?

Via Bovada

Presidential Pick Bet

During the Super Bowl last year (an election year) President Obama couldn’t make a call as it was “too close.” His previous picks were the Saints in 2009 and rooted for the Steelers in 2010.

Via Bovada

Anthem Time Length Bet

Ahh, the time honored tradition of betting on the national anthem. Each year gamblers around the country watch hours of anthem videos in an attempt to find out just how long the song will go. Early money is on the over. But, before you rush out to bet the over at Bovada, the line at is just 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

Via Bovada

Improvised National Anthem Bet

Always a tricky wager as grading this bet can be iffy. One point to note is that Keys isn’t an academic slouch; she graduated as valedictorian of her class at the Professional Performing Arts School. So, you know, she should be able to remember the song. But she has promised to “make it her own” so she may add a verbal flourish or two.

Via Bovada

Will Fans Boo Bet

If it were available, we’d say hammer the no.

Via Bovada

Coaching Hat Bet

If one of the brothers were to go hatless, we’d guess it’s John. But it may well be that the NFL’s new hat sponsor, New Era, requires coaches were hats in the big game so we’ll pass on this bet.

Via BetOnline

Cross Sports Bet

Who doesn’t love a good cross sport wager? While these are fairly common, this Ovechkin minutes vs FG length really caught our eye for being creative. Keep in mind, Ovechkin is averaging about 22 minutes per game (and Sunday’s game is very likely to be in the 20-24 minute range).

Via Bovada

Harbowl Bet

Not sick of the term yet? Bovada thinks you’ll hear it about two and a half more times.

Via Bovada

“Harbaugh” Word Count Bet

It’s not a name you can shorten, and it’s the main storyline heading into the game. With Jack, Jackie, Jim and John there’ll be a real handful of Harbaughs to talk about. So will Jim Nantz and Phil Simms say “Harbaugh” more than 20.5 times during the game? That’s only 5 Harbaughs per quarter. We’ll take the over.

Via Bovada


Beyonce Recording Device Bet

What device will Beyonce be using when starting the halftime show? If “tape player” were available, we’d be all in. But given the Super Bowl is all about extravagant performances and Beyonce is going to come out of the gates singing (of course). . . and dancing so that means headset is the play.

Via Bovada

Beyonce Hairstyle Bet

Odds are leaning towards a curl/crimped flavor. We’ve consulting with sharpest closest women and there’s a near-universal consensus: Beyonce’s hair will not be straight. Yes, we think there’s real value in the curly/crimped option at just -140.

Via BetOnline

Wardrobe Malfunction Bet

This won’t happen, and betting on it isn’t going to make it happen. So don’t be tempted by the 20 to 1 odds and your prurient desires: don’t bet this.

Via William Hill

Beyonce Cleavage Bet

Since the Janet Jackson malfunction, Super Bowl entertainers have been a bit more covered up. Need evidence? Look at Fergie two years ago and Madonna last year. And Beyonce sometimes opts for the full body leotard that accentuates her legs (and the area where her legs end), so we think there’s some value at the ‘no’ at +300.

Via BetOnline

Parental Style Bet

The Harbaughs are not the Griswolds. Jack isn’t going to wearing a 49ers hat while Jackie snuggles up in her Ravens hoodie. They’ll be decked out in non-logo business casual style apparel and we’ll take the ‘no’ at -500. 

Via Bovada

Jay-Z Bet

You can bet on whether Mr. Beyonce, also known as Jay Z, will be shown on television during the game. If he’s shown just once, the over hits. And here’s the thing: he’s (arguably) the coolest guy in America so of course he’s going to be shown at least one time. Hell, he was shown about a dozen times at the presidential inauguration where his wife performed so there’s simply no way he isn’t shown one time during the Super Bowl. The over is our best bet.

Via Bovada


Har-dad Bet

Just how many times will we see Harbaugh Sr? Currently there is (well-warranted) heavy juice on over 2 appearances. We’re going to stay away from this as the fact that the world is clearly feeling Harbaugh fatigue may lead the CBS production crew to take notice: and keep the cameras off the non-coaching Harbaughs.

Via Bovada

Hugs & Handshakes Bet

This isn’t the first Harbaugh handshake you could bet on. However, it is the first (and hopefully the last ) betable Harbaugh hug. 7.5 seconds may not sound like a long time but it is. Go ahead, try to shake the nearest person’s hand for 7.5 seconds, we’ll wait. . . . that was awkard, wasn’t it? If we had to bet this, we’d bet the under. But this prop is rife with subjective interpretation problems with the sports book so we’ll stay away.

Via Bovada

Gatorade Color Bet

While the clearcut favorite is .. well clear … last year the first ever purple shower appeared as Tom Coughlin was covered in Riptide Rush.

Via Bovada

MVP Thanks Bet

Protip: If you bet on Ray Lewis to win MVP, don’t forget to take the “God” option here.

Via BetOnline

Ray Lewis & Religion Bet

We’d have likely set this line in the double digits. Remember, when Ray starts riffing on his savior, he tends to go on and on and on. If they leave the microphone in front of him long enough, the over is easy. A word of caution, though: sometimes Ray goes with the “Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” line. That doesn’t appear to count in this prop bet as he has to say “God” or “Lord.” That makes it much tougher to bet the over.

Via Bovada

Super Bowl Tweets Per Second Bet

Last year the Super Bowl hit 12,233 tweets per second. With nearly double the active users in 2013, look for this to go well over, especially if it’s a close game. Indeed, this over may be one of the better bets on the board.

Via Bovada

Nevada Super Bowl Handle Bet

Attention degenerates: As Xzibit would say: “YO DAWG I HEARD YOU LIKE BETS SO WE MADE A BET ON YOUR BETS SO YOU CAN BET WHILE YOU BET.” We track the Vegas betting scene quite closely and, overall, 2012 betting volumes were substantially higher than those in 2011. Last year, Vegas took in $94M in Super Bowl bets. The over – even at -155 – offers value.

Via BetOnline

While we don’t unfortunately offer these prop bets on our website, we do offer free bet tracking software that allows you to make fantasy sports betting picks. Sign up for an account in under 10 seconds and start competing against the avid WagerMinds handicapping community.

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