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Earlier this week ESPN’s gridiron geek John Clayton released his predictions on AFC wins for each team.  Now his NFC totals have been released and a few surprises lie in his numbers.

NFC East

Clayton’s NFC East numbers didn’t stray too far from bookmaker lines with the maximum differential being just a half-of-a-win:

NFC East Clayton Wins Total Wins Line Differential
Dallas Cowboys 9 8.5 +.5
New York Giants 9 9.5 -.5
Philadelphia Eagles 10 10 0
Washington Redskins 6 6.5 -.5

NFC West

To nobody’s surprise, Clayton had the 49ers to win the West again.  However, bookmakers have the Rams and the Seahawks  winning 6 and 7 games respectively but Clayton strongly disagrees.  Clayton has the ‘Hawks winning 5 games more than the Rams in 2012-13:

NFC West Clayton Wins Total Wins Line Differential
Arizona Cardinals 7 7 0
San Francisco 49ers 10 10 0
St. Louis Rams 4 6 -2
Seattle Seahawks 9 7 +2

NFC North

Clearly the Packers are the strongest team in the division heading into the year — and Clayton agrees.  But Clayton disagrees with who will finish in 2nd place as he has the Bears winning 10 games.  Also, Clayton is very down on the Vikings, pegging them with just 3 wins for the season – yikes, that’s even worse than the Browns:

NFC North Clayton Wins Total Wins Line Differential
Chicago Bears 10 8.5 +1.5
Detroit Lions 9 9.5 -.5
Green Bay Packers 12 12 0
Minnesota Vikings 3 6 -3

NFC South

While bookmakers have the Saints atop the division, Clayton has the Falcons finally surpassing them with 11 wins (a +2 win differential).

NFC South Clayton Wins Total Wins Line Differential
Atlanta Falcons 11 9 +2
Carolina Panthers 8 7.5 +.5
New Orleans Saints 9 10 -1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6 6 0

Odds courtesy of 5Dimes.


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