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CBS Sports reporter Pete Prisco took on the quixotic task of predicting the score of every NFL game this season, from week 1 straight through to the Super Bowl. Prisco, a long time NFL watcher, has some surprising picks including the Patriots going 16-0 and the Browns and Colts only winning one game apiece.

Now, if you trust the senior NFL reporter’s outlook, you’d be very bullish on the Pats, Giants, Cards and Falcons to go over their  season win total posted at 5Dimes.  For those teams, Prisco projects each to go over their respective season win total by at least 3 games.

And yes, Prisco is predicting the Patriots will go undefeated yet again. Keep in mind, while the Patriots will be favorites in every one of their games this year, there have been two teams in NFL history that went through the regular season undefeated. The 1972 Dolphins went 14-0 and, of course, the 2007 Patriots went 16-0.

On the flip side, Prisco is predicting pain for fans of the Browns, Colts, Redskins, Vikings and Bucs. Accorrding to Pete, each of these teams will win at least 3 games fewer than their season win total.

Should you make any bets based on Prisco’s projections? Umm, no, of course not.

NFL Win Totals
AFC East
RankTeamProj Record5Dimes Win LineDelta
1New England Patriots16124
2New York Jets78.5-1.5
3Buffalo Bills770
4Miami Dolphins77.5-0.5
AFC South
RankTeamProj Record5Dimes Win Line
1Houston Texans910-1
2Tennessee Titans770
3Jacksonville Jaguars45.5-1.5
4Indianapolis Colts15.5-4.5
AFC North
RankTeamProj Record5Dimes Win Line
1Cincinnati Bengals107.52.5
2Pittsburgh Steelers10100
3Baltimore Ravens910-1
4Cleveland Browns15.5-4.5
AFC West
RankTeamProj Record5Dimes Win Line
1Denver Broncos119.51.5
2San Diego Chargers1091
3Oakland Raiders871
4Kansas City Chiefs68-2
NFC East
RankTeamProj Record5Dimes Win Line
1New York Giants139.53.5
2Dallas Cowboys118.52.5
3Philadelphia Eagles11101
4Washington Redskins36.5-3.5
NFC South
RankTeamProj Record5Dimes Win Line
1Atlanta Falcons1293
2New Orleans Saints910-1
3Carolina Panthers57.5-2.5
4Tampa Bay Buccaneers36-3
NFC North
RankTeamProj Record5Dimes Win Line
1Green Bay Packers14122
2Chicago Bears108.51.5
3Detroit Lions99.5-0.5
4Minnesota Vikings36-3
NFC West
RankTeamProj Record5Dimes Win Line
1Arizona Cardinals1073
2San Francisco 49ers910-1
3Seattle Seahawks770
4St. Louis Rams46-2

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