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As soon as the Miami Heat won the NBA championship, Sports Interaction rolled out a classic prop bet: the over/under on the bar tab for Miami Heat’s post-game celebration. The line: $147,000.

After their big victory, the Heat went to LIV nightclub in Miami. Yes, that’s the same nightclub the Dallas Mavericks went to last year after beating the Heat in the NBA finals. Last year, Mark Cuban spent just over $110,000 celebrating the Larry O’Brien trophy at LIV.

Well, the Heat outdid the Mavericks. And, according to multiple tweets and a article, the Heat racked up a cool $200,000 at their celebration party.

The Heat party bill was helped by the fact that the team bought the Ace of Spades super magnum of champagne; a single, enormous bottle that cost $75,000.

From the article:

Shortly after 2:30 a.m. players began arriving and filling up the main stage at LIV which had been turned into a massive VIP area reserved just for the Heat. Along with Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem, Joel Anthony, Shane Battier, Norris Cole, Juwan Howard and others, the Heat filled the area to capacity. (Bosh was the last to arrive at 4:30 a.m.).

LIV had to close its doors to the public by 3 a.m. once the team had arrived, already nearing capacity, and then it was time to pop bottles of champagne – an estimated tab of over $200,000 – including the legendary Ace of Spades super magnum-sized champagne (we’re talking 15 liters of bubbly, people, with a sticker price of $75K).

To their credit, the oddsmakers at Sports Interaction knew the Heat were likely to spend more than the Mavericks. But it turns out they spent a lot more – nearly double, in fact.

So if you had the over, you win. Congrats.





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