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Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather likes to show off his wealth. You can find him in various YouTube videos counting out cash – like $1 million or so – that’s just hanging around in his nightstand. And if you search Google images for ‘Floyd Mayweather cash,’ the amount of results will likely make your computer blow up. So don’t do it.

Mayweather is also a famous sports bettor. He reportedly bet $1 million on the Patriots (-7.5) against Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. He won that bet.

But that’s not the only big bet he’s placed in the past 30 days. No, Floyd has been busy. He’s a frequent guest at Cantor Gaming’s M Casino – the sports book in Vegas that will take the biggest bets. And the world has proof he’s a frequent guest because Pretty Boy Mayweather is tweeting out pictures of his betting slips. Some are winners, some aren’t. Of course, we have no way of knowing whether he shows all his slips so there’s no way of knowing whether Floyd is a net winner or loser (though we have our suspicions).

Oh, and most of these bets were placed after he was sentenced to 90 days in jail for for battery. Imagine what kind of action he was placing before that.

Here are some recent Mayweather bets:

CBB 1st Half - Wisconsin vs. Wisconsin Milwaukee

1st Half Result – Wisconsin 31, Wisconsin Milwaukee  20 = WIN

NFL - San Francisco vs Seattle

Result - San Francisco 19, Seattle  17 = WIN

CFB – Lil’ Caesars Bowl – Purdue vs Western Michigan

Result - Purdue 37,  Western Michigan 32 = WIN

CFB – Chick-fil-A Bowl Halftime Bet -  Auburn vs. Virginia

2nd Half Result - Auburn 15,  Virginia 7 = WIN

CFB – Chick-fil-A Bowl Halftime Bet -  Houston vs. Penn State

1st Half Result - Houston 24,  Penn State 7 = WIN

NFL – Halftime Bet -  Houston vs. Tennessee

1st Half Result - Houston 12,  Tennessee 10 = WIN     

                                                                         NCAA – Game Bet –  Alabama (-3.5) vs. Georgia Tech

Result- Alabama 73, Georgia Tech 48 = WIN

So with just these wagers, Mayweather risked $1,130,000 and won $1,004,169.50. Not a bad Christmas season for Floyd (well, not counting the 90 day jail sentence and all the losing tickets he didn’t post).

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