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William Hill, one of the largest bookmaking companies in the United Kingdom, has been around for 78 years. That’s a long time. And they’ve taken a lot of bets over that time. But last week, William Hill took the biggest bet they’ve ever taken.

A British bettor ponied up $792,600 (500,000 British pounds) to bet on a horse named . . . wait for it. . . Big Bucks. The horse had won a record 16 races in a row and was heavily favored to win again: he went off at 1:5 odds.

Fortunately for the bettor, the nine year old Big Bucks won his 17th consecutive race.


As a result, the gambler netted $158,520. To put that win in context, that’s about 4 times the average annual household income in the UK. Now, that’s a nice score but it doesn’t measure up to the Irish stable boy who turned $79 into $1.5 million.

Big Bucks big victory came on the first day of the Grand National Festival meet at Aintree, Merseyside – one of the UK’s largest horse racing festivals. In response to the bettor’s big score, William Hill spokeswoman Kate Miller said “With measly interest rates, and a volatile stock market, the punter was obviously banking on Big Buck’s.”



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