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It didn’t even take until the end of all the Week 17 games. Four Las Vegas friends who entered the Hilton SuperContest under the alias ‘Sans Souci’ have won the Hilton SuperContest. Grand prize: $310,200.

But it gets a little better.

Sans Souci has a record of 56-22-4 with 3 games pending. Regardless of how those final 3 games play out, Sans Souci is guaranteed to have a winning percentage above 67%. That entitles Sans Souci to at least another $3,333 bonus from the Las Vegas Hilton (and possibly up to $10,000 more depending on how the 2nd place entry finishes). In total, Sans Souci turned a $1,500 contest entry fee into at least $313,533.

We’ll do the math for you: that’s a 20,802% return on investment. And since Team Sans Souci generated that return in just 4 months, their annualized rate of return is an eye-popping 62,236%.

Dave Tuley of ViewFromVegas wrote about Sans Souci earlier in the year in his Hilton SuperContest coverage on ESPN. Sans souci is a French phrase meaning ‘without worry.’ Well, with over $300,000 to be split amongst the 4 teammates, they are certain to have fewer worries. The four man Sans Souci team is in their third year in the Hilton SuperContest though it used to be a group of 5. The 5th member dropped out this year.

That poor guy starts 2012 with a world of regret.

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