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A Missouri man who runs a NFL survivor pool told his pool participants that all the pool’s funds were seized by the federal government. The man runs the website David Purdum at Linemakers first reported the story.

According to pool participants, there were 2,000 players in this year’s survivor pool who each paid $100. And there was a second chance pool (also $100 buy-in) including 530 paid entries. 

The result? A payout pool of $253,000.

The seizure notice, which was hand delivered by federal agents, indicates the pool’s funds were kept in a bank account at ING.


The website has been used to facilitate fantasy leagues for more 17 years, according to records posted on the site. Interestingly, the seizure notice references 8 USC § 1084 which is the Federal Wire Act that prohibits online transmitting of sports betting information.

After federal officials delivered the seizure notice, the pool operator sent the following email to pool participants:

From: Mr Sports
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 7:42 PM
Subject: PLEASE READ!!!…. BAD NEWS!!!
Hey everyone-
I had a nice little visit from the IRS tonight….   They have shut down the Pool and seized the money…
There will be no payout this year and as of now, all money is in the hands of the Federal Government…
I apologize for this but there is absolutely nothing I can do…



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