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You’ve been waiting all year for it and, finally, it’s here. Well, maybe not. Either way, the Golden Globes are tonight.

And, to help with your Globes handicapping analysis, we’re going to make our selections for the winner of every major category. Remember, the Golden Globes are voted on by the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association so it’s not uncommon for the Globes to be less predictable than the Academy Awards.

With that in mind, here’s the breakdown (all odds via 5Dimes):

Best Picture (Drama)

Of course, Lincoln is the heavy favorite to win the best picture. And Lincoln will win, handily.

Prediction: Lincoln (-270)

Best Picture (Comedy/Musical) 

Les Miserables is one of the biggest favorites on the board. It’s tempting to think that the Foreign Press members will pick Silver Linings Playbook but they won’t. They fall for the musical with the French name.

Prediction: Les Miserables (-1200)

Best Director 

This is one of the closet categories of the night.  Really, it’s a coin flip. So, by our estimation, there’s value on Affleck at +180 so we’ll take it. Ben Affleck wins the Globe for Best Director.

Prediction: Ben Affleck (+180)

Best Actor (Drama) 

If Daniel Day Lewis is up for a Best Actor award, he wins it. And he’ll win this one, too.

Prediction: Daniel Day Lewis (-4500)

Best Actor (Comedy/Musical) 

Hugh Jackman is a heavy favorite for his role in Les Mis. But here’s a category where we like the Foreign Press voters to go against the grain. Bradley Cooper played a compelling character with mental problems and we all know that’s the best path to win an acting award. We’ll take Cooper at +255 to pull the upset. And not just because the movie Silver Linings Playbook has a sports betting angle to it (well, maybe).

Prediction: Bradley Cooper +255

Best Actress (Drama) 

We like the value in ‘the field’ here. With that, you get Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts, both of whom have a reasonable chance of pulling an upset. Zero Dark Thirty is a controversial movie and the European voters may not want to reward the film at all so we’ll take our chances at +550.

Prediction: Field +550

Best Actress (Comedy/Musical) 

As the odds suggest, this one is over before it started. Jennifer Lawrence is virtually guaranteed to win and there’s no sense in betting against it.

Prediction: Jennifer Lawrence -5000



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