The Ultimate 2012 NFL Betting Odds Infographic

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It may have felt like it would never happen, but, FINALLY, NFL football is drawing near. Indeed, we’re just one week away from the first pre-season games of the year.  To give you a visual representation of how oddsmakers are judging each and every NFL team, we created this infographic. As you’ll see, the graphic… Read more »


CBS’ Prisco Predicts All NFL Games: Thinks Pats, Giants Will Go Over Season Wins & Colts, Browns Will Go Way Under

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CBS Sports reporter Pete Prisco took on the quixotic task of predicting the score of every NFL game this season, from week 1 straight through to the Super Bowl. Prisco, a long time NFL watcher, has some surprising picks including the Patriots going 16-0 and the Browns and Colts only winning one game apiece. Now, if you… Read more »


How To Bet On The First 5 Innings Of A Baseball Game

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There’s nothing worse than laying units down on a game and seeing your pitcher toss a gem just to watch the bullpen blow the save.  If you don’t want to rely on shaky relief, you may want to consider only betting the first 5 innings of a ball game.  This can now be achieved on WagerMinds… Read more »


How the Pick Selling Business is Like Wall Street

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More than 90 million Americans have money invested in mutual funds. They are, by far, the most common investment vehicle for middle-class Americans. In total, mutual fund managers control over $13 trillion. That’s TRILLION, as in a thousand billion. These highly compensated mutual fund managers control such enormous wealth because they have the smarts, the… Read more »


Take Your Record Anywhere With WagerMinds Widgets

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Our goal is to bring transparency and authentication to the sports betting world.  With our handy widgets, you can take your record to any other website quickly and easily.  Our widgets show user rank, avatar, units  and records to verify your betting history. First, head over to your account preferences page and click on widgets:  … Read more »

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