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A clear cut leader has emerged! After the wild card round of the playoffs, Mike Wilkening has moved to the top of the leaderboard and is now the sole leader of the WagerMinds Handicapper Challenge. His 2-2 performance inched him slightly ahead of Chris Vernon and his 1-3 effort in the wild card round. Scott Cullen moved closer to the lead thanks to a 3-1 effort where his only losing pick was the banged up Redskins.
Adam Kramer dominated this week hitting all games and going 4-0 on the week. Right behind Kramer were Rob Longley, Scott Cullen and Jason McIntyre who all went 3-1. Overall contestants ended “up” this week with a 21-19-10 record (52.5% win %). 
Though the entire contest to date, our contestants are now hitting at 51.02% with an overall record of 497-477-35. Here are the full Wild Card round results:

You can always check out the live leaderboard and all past results. Now we’ll be following closely as all contestants must pick each NFL playoff game. Check back after this week’s divisional game!



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