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Last week, we admit that we were too caught up in the battle between Pro Football Weekly’s Mike Wilkening against the UFC’s announcer-of-all-trades Jon Anik. We completely overlooked the other media member tied for second — the former bookmaker (and heavy favorite,) Todd Fuhrman. A flawless 5-0 week was had by Fuhrman, helping him jump to a two-point lead in the contest thanks to a rough 1-4-0 week for Mike Wilkening.  Not only did Todd take 4 dogs this week, but all four won outright (Packers, Bills, Seahawks & Browns). Drew Collins also pitched a perfect week 6 to pull back within striking distance with 12 wins.

TheBigLead’s Jason McIntyre has moved into a tie for fourth with a 4-1 effort. This wouldn’t be surprising, except for the fact that McIntyre pulled a Rory McIlroy and slept through the first week , submitting no picks. McIntyre has been hitting at a profitable 56% this season, the second best win % behind Fuhrman.

After a tough week 5, Rob Logngley bounced back with a 3-2 performance to re-claim third place.

Overall contestants went 28-31 for a 47.5% win rate in week 6. Here are the full results:

You can always check out the live leaderboard and all past results. Good luck to all in Week 7.


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