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After a strong showing last week (69.09% win rate), we saw a week 5 regression as our media mavens hit at a 42.37% win rate. With that being said, 7 of our 12 contestants are .500 or better on the season. So there’s that.
In a stunning turnaround last week’s co-leader from the north, Rob Longley (5-0 in week 4,) turned in an 0-5 performance dropping him to 5th place. The UFC’s Jon Anik been under the radar the entire contest with a ho-hum 9-11 record. But he broke out of the pack this week with the best performance: 4-1. Dan Dibley, Jason McIntyre and Mike Wilkening all submitted their second straight 3-2 performance and Scott Cullen followed up his 5-0 week 4 output with a 3-2 effort.
The real story so far is the consistency of Pro Football Weekly‘s Mike Wilkening who has lead the contest since week 2 with a 62.5% win rate. He stands atop the rest of the pack, winning 15 of his 25 picks.  Todd Fuhrman, Jon Anik and Scott Cullen are just 2 wins back with 13 wins each.
Here are the full week 5 results:

You can always check out the live leaderboard and all past results. Good luck to all in Week 6.


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