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During week 1 of our NFL Media Handicapping Contest, the participants combined for a heartbreaking 32.7% win rate against the spread. In week two, the field snapped back and went a combined 53.5% win rate. This week’s leaders were Pro Football Weekly’s Mike Wilkening (3-1-1), the UFC’s  Jon Anik (3-2-0) and Kegs ‘N Eggs writer Adam Kramer (3-2-0).

Here are the full week 2 results:

Mike Wilkening is now tied with Adam Kramer with 6 wins each (though Wilkening has a higher ATS win rate thanks to a push). Meanwhile, Rob Longley is holding the bronze for Team Canada with a 55.5%  win rate.

You can always check out the live leaderboard here.

A few quick notes from last week’s performance:

  • The teams that tripped up the majority of participants were the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots.
  • Thanks to the lines landing on key numbers this week, contestants had 8 pushes.
  • The win percentage for the week was 53.5%.
  • Yes, Drew Collins is still looking for his first win but he did manage to eek out two pushes this week. We have faith he’ll find a winner (or three) next week.

Better work this week gentlemen, let’s keep the momentum rolling into week 3.


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