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Irish bookmaker Paddy Power, never one to shy away from marketing gimmicks, has rolled out a bunch of prop bets for the upcoming Brad Patt / Angelina Jolie nuptials. Oh, you didn’t know Brad and Angelina were engaged to get married? Neither did we, but now that you can bet on it, we’re interested.

There are Brangelina props across 10 different categories including the wedding dress designer, honeymoon location, Brad’s facial hair, Angelina’s hair style and, of course, whether Jennifer Aniston will attend.

Paddy Power is offering odds on where the wedding will happen. Now, a number of media outlets have reported that the wedding is going to be in France and oddsmakers have been paying attention as France is the heavy favorite at 1:16.

One of the more interesting props: who will be Brad Pitt’s best man. The heavy favorite is, not surprisingly, Brad’s brother Doug Pitt. He’s 1:12 to serve as the best man. All-around cool guy George Clooney is 8:1, part-time pirate Johnny Depp is 12:1 and Don Cheadle is 20:1.

You can also bet on who will be the designer of Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress. Versace is the slight favorite (5:2) over Max Azria (3:1). Stella McCartney is 14:1 as is Carolina Herrera and Dior while wedding dress specialist Vera Wang is 20:1.

Do you think Angelina will shun the high fashion world and go all 99% with her wedding gown? Well, then perhaps you’ll be interested in taking either Target or Walmart which are both 500:1 to be the ‘designer’ of her dress.

Of course, you can’t talk about Brad and Angelina without considering Jennifer Aniston. Will Brad’s ex attend the nuptials? Oddsmakers think it’s unlikely. You can get 3:1 if you bet Aniston will attend the wedding while the ‘no’ is 1:5.

Lastly, we have the vial of blood prop bet. The whaaaaaat? Yes, you read that correctly – there’s a line on whether Angelina Jolie will wear a vial of blood to the wedding. For those of you unfamiliar with this “tradition,” Angelina always wore a vial of ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton’s blood.

In Angelina’s words, the vial of blood wasn’t really a vial, it was more of a flower press. Regardless, if you think Angelina is going to dust off that old vial/flower press and wear it to her wedding, you can get 40:1 on your money. Sadly, there isn’t a ‘no’ line on the vial of blood prop because blood vials are just soooo early 2000′s that there’s no chance she wears one again in 2012.




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