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March 11, 2013: for many sports bettors, it’s a date that will live in infamy.

It’s the date that marks what may well be the worst beat in the history of college basketball.

Iona was a 4 point favorite over the Manhattan Jaspers. With :28 left, Iona made two free throws to take a 6 point lead. Manhattan came back down the floor and missed a jumper. Iona gets the rebound, throws it down the floor and David Laury dunks it to put the Gaels up by 8 with just :06 left on the clock.

If you had Iona -4, you’re already spending the money. But then something happened.

Manhattan inbounds the ball from under their own basket with :06 remaining. They race up the court and Shane Richards is able to get off a three point shot. He makes it with :01 left. Manhattan loses by 5 and Iona covers, right? Well, not so fast.

The Iona bench celebrated the certain victory by rushing onto the court. But the clock hadn’t fully expired. There was 1/10th of one second left. So, in a fit of absurd officiousness, the referee calls a technical on the Iona bench.

Donovan Kate of the Jaspers steps to the line and sinks the first free throw. Iona is now up just 4. Then he sinks the second ‘meaningless’ free throw. Iona “wins” by 3 and loses the cover. So, to recap, Manhattan, a 4 point underdog and trailing by 8, scored 5 points in the final 1 second of the game to cover.

Yep, this is among the worst bad beats in the history of college basketball.

And you don’t need to tell @thislawthatlaw. This poor guy had a 6 team parlay. He risked $40 to win $1,600. He won the first 5. The sixth? Iona -4.

That is a gruesome way to miss out on a $1,600 payday. And it’s one of the most gruesome beats in college hoops history. It was so gruesome that ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt captured it perfectly with a horror movie reference:

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