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This year we provided our biggest prize yet in our 2012 College Basketball ‘Capping Challenge. We pitted all WagerMinds users up against each other in a battle to see who could accumulate the most units across the entire college basketball season. One WagerMind users emerged victorious, Oducks24.  Oducks24, whose real name is Kody B., amassed a whopping 226.01 units by going 519-305-10 in the 2012 season.

Kody was so good that the still stand atop the all-time WagerMinds leaderboard ranked #1 out of all users.  Kody’s best team to bet?  That was Oregon.  He won a whopping 39.58 units off of the Ducks.  His worst team to bet?  The Mississippi State Bulldogs who cost Kody 33 units. Head over to his profile to see his interactive stats, here are some of the highlights:

Of course it is NCAA Championship time, so we picked Kody’s brain about about brackets and his own championship victory.


WagerMinds: So you won the $2,012 College Capper Contest – congrats! How does it feel?

Kody: It feels good. All of the hard work (watching college basketball) has really paid off. The prize is actually the second most money I’ve won. About a year ago I was lucky enough to win $5,000 on a scratch off when I was visiting some friends in New York City. It’s safe to say, we had a good time that weekend.

Did you have a strategy for the contest that helped you win?

In a way, yes. If I remember correctly, I picked some underdogs to win outright and cover the spread, at least early on. The Units add up quickly when your winning underdog plays, obviously. This helped me catch up with the field, before eventually passing the leader on one of the final few days of the contest.

You dominated the competition later in the contest. Did your plan change once you were up so many units?

I actually thought about changing things up, but I still went through the games and took the ones I felt most comfortable with. I’m a mid-major advocate, so I like to follow some of the less marquee teams. I like to think that helped, but in reality, it probably didn’t.

What teams did you bet the heaviest?

I’m not really sure. I know I bet a lot of SEC games so maybe one of those teams. Oregon games were big, too. I can usually take an objective stand when it comes to the Ducks’ games, which certainly helps.

What teams helped you win the most units?
I actually wasn’t aware of which teams helped me the most, until I saw your neat little feature that lets you know which teams you’ve won (and lost) the most units with. Funny how it played out to be Oregon, since I’m a big time Ducks fan. In hindsight, if I saw that feature earlier, I probably would have stayed away from Louisville’s games.

Do you make plays on any other sports than college basketball?

I’m pretty much limited to college basketball, baseball and NFL. I’ll play a few NBA and college football games, but those three are really where I focus my attention.

Who is your favorite college team (if you have no play on the game -just a rooting interest)?

Oregon. Although, I’m a little ashamed to admit that after the way the Pac-12 played out this year.

Who will win this year’s big dance?

My first instinct tells me Kentucky. They have players that are ready for the NBA and teams like that have done really well in the NCAA tournament over the years. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that nine of the last 10 (or something like that) championship teams have had at least two players that were NBA first round draft picks. But in all honesty, I’m picking Ohio State. In my opinion, they have one of the easier routes to the championship. Missouri would probably be my third choice.

What sleepers should people be looking at this tournament?

I think the winner of the New Mexico-Long Beach State game will end up in the Sweet 16. I’ll personally be taking New Mexico. To answer your question, though, my number one sleeper pick is Xavier. They’ve struggled ever since that brawl with Cincinnati, but have been playing much better down the stretch. They also match up well with the teams in their section of the bracket, and it’d be great to see them knock off Duke in the Round of 32.

Is there a team you think is totally overvalued in the tourney?

Yes. Vanderbilt. It seems like everyone loves them to go deep into the tournament, which I think will be very difficult to do, given their draw. A first round matchup against Harvard and the potential to play Wisconsin in the Round of 32. They’ll have to be flawless on offense against two of the top defenses in the country. I just don’t see that happening. If the Crimson don’t wear them down, the Badgers will.

Other than your WagerMinds profile, how else can people follow you?

I’m actually a really simple person. I’d say Wagerminds is the best place to follow me, since I’ll probably be spending a lot of time on the site for baseball. A few friends actually turned me onto it a little while back and I love how it keeps everyone accountable. Eventually I’ll join the rest of the world and set up a Twitter account, but I’m really in no rush to do that. Probably because I’m still not sure how to use it, other than gathering information.

Any plan on what you are going to do with the winnings?

I haven’t really thought of that. I’ll probably put most of it away for a rainy day, or a bachelor party, since I have two of those coming up during the summer. I’ve been looking to try out the “stock” approach to baseball, so maybe I’ll use some of the winnings to buy a team early on and see how that goes. Or a futures ticket on the Miami Marlins, even though I won’t get as much value now.

Thanks a lot for the interview Kody!  Again congrats on winning our first ever College Basketball ‘Capping Contest!


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