Interview With ODucks24, The WagerMinds 2012 College Basketball ‘Capping Champion

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This year we provided our biggest prize yet in our 2012 College Basketball ‘Capping Challenge. We pitted all WagerMinds users up against each other in a battle to see who could accumulate the most units across the entire college basketball season. One WagerMind users emerged victorious, Oducks24. ¬†Oducks24, whose real name is Kody B., amassed… Read more »


Conference Tournament Lines: The Importance of Shopping for Lines

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It’s conference tournament week which is often one of the best weeks of the year for sharp basketball bettors. But you know what sharp bettors do that recreational bettors rarely do? Shop for lines. We’re going to display the importance of shopping for lines by looking at some conference tournament lines available at reputable offshore… Read more »

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