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A new bill legalizing single game sports betting in Canada passed the House of Commons last week, a big step for sports gambling in North America. Right now, the Canadian government runs a legal sports betting operation called ProLine but it requires customers to place parlay bets.

Joe Comartin, a Member of Parliament, introduced a “private bill” to legalize single game sports betting. It passed the House of Commons easily – it took just 20 minutes.

Now, the bill heads to the Senate where passage is expected, according to a legislative assistant to Comartin. “Mr. Comartin has crossed all the t’s and dotted the i’s with his Senate colleagues and we have full confidence it will pass,” the assistant told The Windsor Star. adding that Comartin said he expects the Senate will vote on the bill by early summer.

The Canadian Gaming Associations estimates that Canadians bet approximately $4 billion on single sports events using offshore sports books and just $500 million on the government-run ProLine. At this point, it’s unclear how single game sports betting would be implemented in Canada. It could be offered at casinos or, if a province offers online gaming, it could be offered on the internet.

Either way, this is good news for sports bettors in Canada and in bordering US communities. Oh, and if single game sports betting is legalized in casinos in Canada, it will be a win for Caesars Entertainment as they operate a sports book in their casino in Windsor, Ontario.




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