Mark Cuban's Sports Betting Hedge Fund

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A little over 7 years ago, billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban wrote a blog post on his personal blog titled ‘My New Hedge Fund.’ The blog post wasn’t outlining plans for another me-too stock trading billionaire hedge fund. No, Cuban used his blog to suggest, somewhat radically, that he wanted to launch a sports gambling hedge… Read more »

How Cantor Gaming Lost $27 Million in 2010

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Update: On May 25, 2012, Cantor Entertainment withdrew its S1 filing to go public. The stated reason: Cantor intends to submit a new S1 registration at a “later date” under the new JOBS Act. This new law allows companies to file for public offerings while keeping more key business information confidential. Cantor is the first… Read more »

NFL Teams Need A Timeout Coach

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NFL coaches have big jobs. Establish a game plan. Motivate the team. Dish out equal parts discipline and inspiration. There’s a lot to do so it’s not surprising that these coaches reportedly work 16-18 hours a day during the season. No matter how hard they work, however, they can’t quite seem to figure out when… Read more »

Ken Pomeroy Thinks You Can’t Win Betting the NFL. He’s Kinda Right, Mostly Not

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Ken Pomeroy is the most famous meteorologist in sports handicapping. He’s a stats geek with a graduate degree in atmospheric science. His statistics work on college basketball is well-respected and deservedly so and it’s led to profile pieces in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. But today he generated some buzz when… Read more »

Week 9 Hilton SuperContest Lines

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The Las Vegas Hilton has released lines for Week 9 of the Hilton SuperContest. The two leaders of the contest – Iced ┬áTea and Feral Child – have 30 points out of a possible 40. That’s a 75% point rate and no small feat. The top 20 get paid and, as of today, you’d need… Read more »

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