WagerMinds is a free sports handicapping site where users can prove their sports betting skills by making hypothetical picks. WagerMinds tracks stats for every major sport event and allows users to keep a certified record of their picks.

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WagerMinds uses real Vegas data and sports lines for all matchups.. We provide odds for all major sports leagues. If you're looking for NFL Odds, CFB Odds, MLB Odds, NBA Odds, CBB Odds or NHL Odds, we've got them all.

See a matchup you like? Well, pick a game to see full details about the match up, including the spread, opening lines and what the WagerMinds community thinks.


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Now you can place your wagers: side bet, money line bet or over/under. Not sure what those bets mean? Learn more about how to bet on sports and the types of bets in our resource center. Each user can play each bet type on any given game, so only select what you like.

Each wager type can have anywhere from 1 to 5 units placed on it, allowing you to bet accordingly with your confidence level for the game. This is how you'll track your fantasy bets.

You can also see the WagerMinds community consensus for each bet using our data visualization tables.


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See who has skill (and who doesn't)

What's different about WagerMinds is that we're powered by data and statistics. That's what sets us apart from others. With our new enhanced handicapper profiles, you can see a sports bettor's track record & units with just a few simple clicks.

Manipulate the data to view stats by time, sport and units bet and much more.

We think its fun. The numbers don't lie. Enjoy.