WagerMinds.com is a sports handicapping website based in Buffalo, NY, where users can prove their handicapping skills by making fantasy picks using real Vegas data and lines.

WagerMinds.com is dedicated to changing the sports gambling culture. By bringing high quality data, analytics and transparency to the industry, we’re helping tear down the tout culture that has permeated sports handicapping for far too long.

The WagerMinds.com team consists of writers, stat geeks, and handicappers who collectively deliver high quality sports betting content throughout the year.

WagerMinds.com invites individual users to create a unique profile and place fantasy wagers using real consensus Vegas lines on every type of major sporting event – football, basketball, baseball and hockey.

WagerMinds.com tracks the results for each and every user, allowing skilled sports handicappers to prove their ability. The better your record, the higher your WagerMinds rank. In addition, we offer daily high-quality coverage of the latest developments in sports gambling, making WagerMinds.com one of the leading online destinations for amateur and professional handicappers.